Demand Better Software

Over the years, Demand Better Solutions has created a number of software solutions for the Notes and Domino market. They were often developed as custom applications to fill a void on the market. Sometimes it was functionality that a customer may have asked for when they could not find an existing product that fit their needs. Other times our solution was developed as a less expensive alternative to other software products.

Several of our custom solutions have now been (or are in the process of) being transformed into off-the-shelf products, to be purchased and used by anybody. We will also be offering some script libraries for download, containing code previously posted on Karl-Henry Martinsson’s personal blog.

Domino Exporter Pro

Based on customer feedback and feature requests, we have created Domino Exporter Pro. This is the next generation of the tool previously called XML Exporter. The name has changed, as more formats than XML are supported. The documents in the Domino database can, in addition to XML, also be exported as CSV. In the future there are plans to support  other popular formats, like JSON.

The export is not restricted to one database at a time. Select a folder and all databases in that folder, as well as recursively in any sub-folders, will be exported, as long as the logged in user has read/write access to them. If the user does not have access to a database, it will just not be exported.

It’s purpose is to export documents in a Domino database as XML files, including attachments and images. There is a large number of options to configure the export.

The files can be stored by document type (form used) or in individual folders by document. There is a user-expandable translation table that will allow special characters to be converted during export, and text fields with line breaks can be handled in different ways. This makes it easy to export Domino documents and then import them into other systems.

This tool is licensed by the number of documents to export. A customer who only need to export a few hundred documents and attachments should not have to pay the same price as someone who wants to export hundreds of thousands of documents. The cost per document goes down as the document count goes up.

Domino Exporter Pro is also available in an unlimited edition. The price for this edition also includes up to 4 hours of free customizations, and a reduced hourly rate after that, if the customer has any particular requests or needs.

Domino Exporter Pro is working on every version of the Notes client from 7.0 up to and including the recently released version 11. We do recommend at least version 8.5 or higher for better performance. It will work against databases on every version of the Domino server.

There is also a demo version available for free. Please contact to request a demo copy, or to purchase the tool. It can also be purchased directly on this page. Just remember to provide the Domino Domain (e.g. /DBS or /US/IBM) for the ID that will be used to perform the export. This is needed for every edition, including the free demo version, in order for the license to be setup. And don’t forget your email!

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