At Demand Better Solutions we are experts in Notes and Domino development, both for the Notes client and for web access. With over 20 years of experience, we know the platform inside and out. All platforms have their little quirks, and we have felt that pain and learned from it, so that you don’t have to.

More than likely you have a Notes application (probably more than one) that looks something like what you see to the right. A classic but incredibly boring application.

“If you think good design is expensive, you should look at the cost of bad design.”

Ralf Speth

The application works perfectly fine, but it does not look very exciting. What if it could look a bit more modern, perhaps like what you see to the left? That is actually the exact same Notes application!

At Demand Better Solutions we don’t only want you and your users to have access to better software, but also have a better user interface. We know how much productivity is improved from happy users, with software they can use easily and intuitively.

A simple facelift like this can give new life to your existing applications. With no change to the underlying process, you can present users and executives with an attractive Notes application.

But facelifts is not all we do. Thanks to our extensive experience, we can quickly add functionality to your applications. Functionality that has perhaps been requested by users for months or years, but you haven’t had the resources to implement them. Perhaps your company does not have any in-house Notes developers, or they are busy working on other projects.

Demand Better Solution can also help with performance enhancements. You have perhaps noticed that your Notes applications are running slower and slower every year. This is because the more documents your users create, the slower the application runs, if the application was not designed for a large number of documents. We know the changes and updates needed to get the best performance out of Domino. With a quick assessment, we can develop a plan on what improvements are needed.

Another area where we have an extensive experience is integrations between your Domino infrastructure and other systems you may be using for your business. Some of the integrations we have created are:

  • Imports from Fiserve Advance Billing
  • Nightly exports of data to SalesForce
  • Imports of financial data from a custom system built in Visual FoxPro and MS SQL
  • GeoCode lookups to get latitude and longitude of customers based on address
  • Integration with Google Maps and Google Earth to optimize customer visits

Let us help you update and improve your existing applications! You deserve Better Solutions.