If you want to move away from IBM Domino fully, we can help. Using LDC Via we move your data to a modern cloud storage. This London-based company has developed a solid database platform built on MongoDB. MongoDB is a modern NoSQL database that maintains many of the advantages of IBM Domino. LDC Via makes it possible to extend and enhance your Domino applications.
LDC Via provides an ideal new home for data and applications previously hosted on Notes & Domino. The data is accessable through their API, and if we at Demand Better Solutions already created a modernized web application, it can be extended to work with LDC Via.
If needed, the project can be divided into two parts. First we can modernize your application but continue to use IBM Domino to store data. The second step would be to move all data to the cloud and update the application to access it there instead. LDC Via is also working on an on-premises product. Or if you prefer, we can perform both steps as one project. Our team will work with you to determine the best way to accomplish the changes.
Below is a webinar from LDC Via where they explain more about their product.