Our Company

Demand Better Solutions is an IBM Business Partner, and also a member of Penumbra, a group of select IBM Business Partners who pool technical resources and management skills to create an ideal IBM Software provider network. This offers the competence and breadth of much larger companies at a lower cost.

Our Focus

Demand Better Solutions was founded with a focus on IBM’s collaboration platform Domino and its NoSQL database, and creating modern and user friendly web applications for it. We thrive at developing solutions that the users enjoy working with and at the same time make them more efficient and productive.

Depending on the needs of the client, we may modernize or update existing Notes applications, recreate them as modern web applications, create new applications from scratch either for the Notes client or web browsers, or maybe migrate away from the Notes and Domino platform entirely by moving the data to another platform.

Our Background

The Demand Better Solutions team has many years of combined experience in Information Technology and other customer focused professions. They have worked in Consulting, Healthcare, Energy, Insurance, Banking, Education, Publishing and more. The broad experience gained over the years translates to a unique perspective on how to create customized applications to best suit your company’s one-of-a-kind needs.

Our Process

Working closely with you, our team will first perform requirements analysis to understand your expectations. Using these quantifiable, relevant and detailed requirements, we can determine the full scope of your project. Once we understand the requirements, our team will use our expertise to decide on the most efficient and useful tools to create your new application. Utilizing our experience in project management, business analysis, coding, and more we will put a customized modern application at your fingertips.

Karl-Henry Martinsson

Founder & CEO

Picture of Karl-Henry Martinsson, Founderr and CEO of Demand Better Solutions, in front of a dark background, weearing a dark blue shirt with a logo saying IBM Champion. He has glasses and a beard and is smiling at the camera.Karl-Henry lives and breathes computers, code, and design. Since the age of 12 he has been programming for the sheer fun of making the magic happen. It is no surprise that his first job out of high school was with Microsoft, where he was able to utilize his self-taught skills in an environment that appreciated his enthusiasm.

In his 30+ years of programming, he has used many different platforms and languages to achieve the results he wanted.

For the past 20 years, Karl-Henry has specialized in using IBM Notes and Domino. He was honored to be named as an IBM Champion 2014-2019. He has been a speaker at several conferences over the years; and is a recognized and valued member of the Domino community.