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Demand Better Solutions was founded in 2013 with the idea of creating modern applications that take advantage of new tools and technology in order make doing business more streamlined and efficient.
We can improve, update, or modernize any classic Notes application, taking it from boring to eye popping. They can also be converted into state-of-the-art web applications. Demand Better Solutions is not limited to Notes applications; we can modernize and migrate other systems as well. We want to take your old business critical applications and give them many more years of usefulness using modern technology.
With 20+ years’ experience in development in Lotus Notes and Domino, as well as for the web, our lead developer is a multi-year IBM Champion. The team backing his efforts has decades of experience in Information Technology, Project Management, Systems Analysis, and Business Analysis. Together the Demand Better Solutions team can provide innovative results for any business.


Demand Better Solutions specializes in solutions based on IBM:s Collaboration Software, mainly IBM Notes® and IBM Domino®. With over 20 years of experience, we have an extensive experience of this  versatile application and database platform.

IBM Domino is often called a “Swiss army knife“, since it can do so much out of the box. A skilled Domino developer can build very powerful applications in a short time, saving the customer money and deliver a fast time-to-market of the solution.

With Domino being one of the earliest NoSQL databases, today it is a mature product. The platform is currently being updated with some of the latest technologies for web development, e.g. node.js.


Application modernization is big part of what we do at Demand Better Solutions. We use several different approaches, based on the requirements of the client.

We modernize existing Notes applications, giving them a more attractive and modern look in the client. In addition we enhance existing applications, adding new functionality or troubleshoot existing problems. We can also help with server administration.

We also web-enable Notes applications, partially or fully, to allow the users to move to a web browser instead of using the rich client. This is especially desirable for companies who moved off Notes as a mail platform, but have existing applications they need to keep on the platform.

Domino Development

Another area where Demand Better Solutions can help our client is in development of new solutions or applications for IBM Domino. With our 30+ years of software design, we can create brand new applications, custom built for each client. We work closely with the client and the users of the application to build a solution that helps the users to be more efficient, while using a modern looking application.

We can in many cases also help import existing data from legacy systems into the secure NoSQL database used by IBM Domino.

Finally we can help migrate data from Domino to other systems, either by exporting the data in a format usable for import or by developing a connector between the systems.

Web Development

Our main priority when we create web applications or websites is that they are modern looking and user friendly, thereby attractive to use as well as give the users the functionality they need.

We use modern techniques to improve performance, such as only retrieving the updated data instead of reloading the whole page. We use standardized components or plugins when possible, thereby making the web applications work in a familiar way to the user.

Demand Better Solutions has many years of experience designing user interfaces in different environments, so we have developed true-and-tested best practices to use in our solutions.

What People Say About
Demand Better Solutions

IBM Notes and Domino is like a Swiss army knife. If there are 23 ways to do something in IBM Domino, people like Karl-Henry can figure out 35 different ways to do it.

Andrew Manby
Andrew ManbyDirector, Product Management
IBM Collaboration Solutions

Karl-Henry is an outstanding Notes developer who completed a complete insurance claims processing system that companies with 20 person team could not do. He is the best in the business.

Les Titus
Les TitusPresident and CEO
CPR Insurance Group LLC

Karl-Henry supported my group as a developer of new features for our Notes-based workflow and publishing system. He led a major overhaul of our workflow system that has stood the test of time.

Elizabeth Heichler
Elizabeth HeichlerEditor-in-Chief
IDG News Service

Karl-Henry is a very skilled developer, and also a great asset to his group and his workplace. Clever analysis combined with an endless do-it attitude made Karl-Henry’s contributions to IDG Sweden significant. Karl is full of initiative, and not afraid to speak his mind. I would entirely recommend Karl-Henry to anyone considering working with him.

Fredrik Bernsel
Fredrik BernselEditor-in-Chief and Vice President
IDG Sweden

Karl has created many applications within Lotus Notes that are crucial to our day-to-day business. I couldn’t have done my job without him. He is very knowledgeable and thorough. He stays current on all the updates and enhancements to Lotus Notes and is very creative in how to implement them.

Tracy Price
Tracy PriceAdministrative Assistant Loss Control
Deep South Insurance

Karl-Henry wasn’t only a writer who combined in-depth technical knowledge with sometimes delightful irreverence, he was also our in-house applications programmer. We’re still using Lotus Notes editorial applications that Karl-Henry designed in the 1990’s, and we’ve seen no reason to replace them.

Anders Lotson
Anders LotsonWriter-at-Large
IDG Sweden

Karl-Henry has a unique combination of deep technical knowledge and excellent and creative writing skills, making his articles not only educational but also fun and entertaining to read. Always delivering on time and with the right length he was a managing editor’s dream. In addition he has a wonderful personality, great interpersonal skills and is great team worker, always prepared to support co-workers. I can warmly recommend Karl-Henry for his journalistic and writing capabilities.

Eva Sparr
Eva SparrManaging Editor
Computer Sweden

Let The Journey Begin!

You may now be ready to move your Notes and Domino applications into the future, either by updating their look or moving them to a browser-based web application. Or you want to migrate away from a legacy system and move your existing data to a modern NoSQL database application server and give your users a modern web interface to work with the data.

Perhaps you want to create a brand new web application for your users, or just give your business a web presence through a website.

No matter what you need, we look forward to hearing from you and helping you move your business towards future success!